wefox – Na dann

How does a car insurance lead to a stress-free lifestyle?

The challenge

Most people associate insurance with being stressful, boring, and expensive. How can we turn this annoying topic into a positive and productive experience with one of the largest digital insurers?

The solution

We make ease and calmness our message. Our slogan “Na Dann” (“Well then”) represents a verbal shoulder shrug that conveys the simplicity of wefox insurances and carves out a space in a brand world favoring a casual, personable approach.

You took a hit? Relax!

Even if there is damage, there is definitely no problem if you are insured with wefox – it’s almost like nothing happened at all. Swiss soccer legend Murat Yakin shows how it’s done in our TV commercial. Insurance can really be that easy!

Well then… Stay relaxed in any situation in life

The campaign was aired over three months with one 25 second and two 10 second TV spots, initially targeting the core market of Switzerland and appearing in three languages. Further touchpoints were provided by out-of-home measures and digital channels. With the visual world of the three TVCs, we brought our message to the streets – with a laid-back smile and our unique claim as an unmistakable brand element.

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