apodiscounter – The pharmacy that delivers

How can an online pharmacy become an everyday hero?

The challenge

apodiscounter, the first German digital pharmacy discount retailer, is carving out its place in the pharmacy sector with a fast, reliable and easy delivery service for low-cost medications. How do we manage to establish this new category in the pharmacy segment with our target group?

The solution

When in a pinch, who’s always there to help? apodiscounter. And maybe superheroes. Well, our Apo superhero is Ruth Moschner – the testimonial for the online pharmacy’s biggest marketing campaign to date.

The pharmacy that delivers.

apodiscounter acts as a reliable companion for a broad target group in their everyday lives – so we came up with a campaign that is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention. This fun campaign features a TV commercial that makes it easy to grasp what it’s all about, and is entertaining at the same time.

The TV strategy

To ensure that the campaign reaches our broad target group, the commercial is being broadcast on screens throughout Germany. At prime time on private stations, on niche and special-interest channels, our superhero gallantly explains what the pharmacy discounter is all about – fast delivery and competent customer care. The campaign was topped off with an equally captivating social media add-on.

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