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Communication Branding Campaigns Marketing Ecosystems Culture Products Venturing

Our approach to developing strategic, scalable and talkable innovation and marketing solutions is agile, integrated and user centered. We embrace data, content, technologies, tools and trends for future-driven brands along the customer journey.

Holistic ideas arise when different expertises work together.

These are our partners.
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A strong network needs a common foundation.

These are our values.
  • 01User Centricity 01User Centricity
  • 02Startup Mindset 02Startup Mindset
  • 03Simplicity 03Simplicity
  • 04Changeability 04Changeability
  • 05Quality 05Quality
User Centricity
We develop solutions that provide value to its users.
Don’t call Mom

How do you make an automobile club attractive for a young target group without a car?

Startup Mindset
We come from the startup scene and value agility and entrepreneurship.
Digital Hub Initiative

How do you build a strong network for digital innovation in Germany?

We keep it simple and don’t use overcomplicated blah-blah.

How to support young people in the fight against discrimination on the net?

Change is a constant and starts with ourselves.
Step Up

How can you win digital high-potentials as a traditional company?

Our success is thanks to our top-notch results and we aim to push our clients to the top of every market.

How can a digital payment provider solve the struggles of an entire generation?

Don Draper’s descendants. Representing the future of advertising.
Business Punk
“RCKT represents the rise of digital in Germany.“
Federal Ministry of economy and energy
“RCKT creates strong networks between digital Hubs and established industry.”
The Next Web

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