Klarna – Komm mal Klarna

How can a digital payment provider solve the struggles of an entire generation?

The Challenge

The Swedish digital payment provider stands for smoooth shopping – exactly: so smooth that it needs three O’s. Smoooth doesn’t just mean simple and secure – smoooth is a feeling. But how do you convey this feeling to a fast paced shopping target group?

The Solution

People don’t identify with advertising, they identify with emotions. So we gave the world one of the most beautiful emotions: empowerment. With our communications for Klarna we humorously sum up the contradictions of a modern lifestyle and the message to celebrate yourself no matter what you love, what you are and who you cheer for. Please find below some of our various campaign flights for Klarna.

Solve your Struggles with….

…simple and stylish solutions. For this purpose, three struggle solver products were developed together with the newcomer artists Yung Hurn, Alli Neumann and Apache 207 and staged in a joint film. In addition to the abstract visual world of the film between Sci-Fi and Western, the song in the film is, contrary to possible expectations, not a trap or hip hop beat, but an almost 50 year old classic.

The Guilty Pleasures Campaign

In a Power Ranger or Adam’s costume, with a spoon in the brand-less chocolate cream or with Smarties in the nut mixture – from home, in the store, bar, card, immediately or in a few weeks: “Shopping, as you love it” should encourage you to stand confidently by your own Guilty Pleasures and celebrate the individualists* in us.

Komm mal Klarna

Being vegan, but wearing a leather jacket? Being minimalist at heart, but hoarding 20 packages in the hallway? It was exactly these “Struggles” that we dedicated ourselves to in the Germany-wide campaign “Komm mal Klarna”. Our strategy: With a wink we position Klarna as a solution provider for the struggles and contradictions in the everyday life of the young target group – and as a service provider who understands its users.

The Struggle is real (and hyper-local)

Via a hyper-local targeting during campaign we trigger the attention of certain cities and districts. Impressive OOH motifs in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich thematised typical “Kiez-Struggles”. In social media, we addressed channel-specific struggles and also took up current topics such as the European elections. The result after just 6 weeks: 15,000 app downloads, 100% visibility and 0.0 shopping struggles for our users.

The Smoooth Lounges

“Komm mal Klarna” also became the center of attention at numerous events: In our Smoooth Lounge at Fashion Week we spoiled stressed fashionistas with a massage and the perfect Selfiespot – an experience just as smooth as paying with Klarna. In just three days we achieved a reach of around 1.5 million. We were at Melt Festival with the Smoooth Lounge as a solution provider for all festival struggles. From toilet paper to the best view on the mainstage: Komm mal Klarna and #getsmoooth.

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