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How can a digital payment provider solve the struggles of an entire generation?

The Challenge

The Swedish payment service provider Klarna stands for Smoooth Payments – exactly: so smooth that it needs three O’s. Smoooth doesn’t just mean simple and secure – it’s more: smoooth is a feeling. How do you convey this feeling to a young, digital target group?

The Solution

With a campaign that humorously sums up the contradictions of modern lifestyle and positions Klarna as a smoooth solution. Your Struggle is real? Komm mal Klarna.

Komm mal Klarna

Being vegan, but wearing a leather jacket? Being minimalist at heart, but hoarding 20 packages in the hallway? It was exactly these “Struggles” that we dedicated ourselves to in the Germany-wide campaign “Komm mal Klarna”. Our strategy: With a wink we position Klarna as a solution provider for the struggles and contradictions in the everyday life of the young target group – and as a service provider who understands its users.

The Struggle is real (and hyper-local)

Via a hyper-local targeting during campaign we trigger the attention of certain cities and districts. Impressive OOH motifs in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich thematised typical “Kiez-Struggles”. In social media, we addressed channel-specific struggles and also took up current topics such as the European elections. The result after just 6 weeks: 15,000 app downloads, 100% visibility and 0.0 shopping struggles for our users.

The Smoooth Lounges

“Komm mal Klarna” also became the center of attention at numerous events: In our Smoooth Lounge at Fashion Week we spoiled stressed fashionistas with a massage and the perfect Selfiespot – an experience just as smooth as paying with Klarna. In just three days we achieved a reach of around 1.5 million. We were at Melt Festival with the Smoooth Lounge as a solution provider for all festival struggles. From toilet paper to the best view on the mainstage: Komm mal Klarna and #getsmoooth.

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