Friedrich Naumann Foundation – #ClapForCrap

How do you support young people in the fight against discrimination?

The Challenge

Whether online or offline – discrimination and intolerance are everywhere. Unfortunately, we often don’t have the right words to respond to this content.

The Solution

How do we create a digital tool against discrimination that works in everyday life without words?

A Slowclap against discrimination on the Web

We encounter discrimination and intolerance everywhere, especially on the Internet. How should we react? We often shy away from confrontation because we lack the right words. Then an ironic slow clap is your answer to Hate Speech – online and in everyday life. With #ClapForCrap, we provide young people with a tool that can be used on social media to combat discrimination and intolerance and thus promote active participation in the political discourse.

#ClapForCrap GIFs: over 80 million views

How can we widely distribute a digital tool without a large budget? Exactly – by making it available where the target group is. Via the Giphy API our #ClapForCrap GIFs were made available on all social media platforms and could thus be used in daily communication on Instagram, Whatsapp & Co – most important of all, of course, wherever discriminatory Crap was posted. In just three months, our GIFs reached over 80 million views.

#ClapForCrap in the Primetime News

Our #ClapForCrap Commercial and four accompanying snippets explain the principle of slowclapping through a situation many know: An inconsiderate commentary will put a damper on the otherwise harmonious family dinner – and will be answered with a Slow Clap. Appearing in numerous media-outlets, including online magazines and prime time TV news, they already provided a reach of over 71 million contacts after 14 days through media work.

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