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How can you show that insurance doesn't need to be complicated?

The challenge

With everyone constantly fighting for our attention across multiple platforms, insurance is the last thing we want to think about. So how do you show that the topic of insurance can also be simple and easy, allowing you to remain stress free?

The solution

With humor and an off-beat approach, we are able to stand out from the conservative crowd and build a sense of emotional connectivity. We show that insurance isn’t just useful, it’s also simple enough to deal with while distracted.

For those with their heads in the clouds

Whether you’re a genius like Michelangelo or John F. Kennedy – everyone is prone to distraction from time to time. With its brand claim “Insurance. But simple”, wefox is focusing on an insurance service that is so simple that you can also handle it while your head may be elsewhere. With our awareness campaign, we celebrate the ultimate serenity and verbal shoulder shrugging that wefox makes possible. We’re saying: Alright then.

Addressing the digital target group

As an InsurTech company, wefox is particularly aimed at a digitally savvy target group. With two TV commercials in German and French and mobile ads, we reach this group on TV and online. We’re currently expanding our presence on social media with our own GIFs – this way, users can spread the humor and casual attitude of the brand themselves.

Digital insurer goes retro

We create a total brand experience by placing our protagonists in a nostalgic dream world – idiosyncratic and distinctive. Working closely with our production partner Bears Calling, we created two detail-oriented commercials. The brand colors visually bridge the gap between retro aesthetics of the past and ultra-modern insurance.

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