Adler – The confession

How can you inspire a new audience for a fashion brand with tradition?

The challenge

How to make communication for a fashion company that is not on the radar of the every generation?

The Solution

With a surprising and stylish brand statement. Under the motto “The Commitment” RCKT created a 360° campaign that stages the new side of Adler and focuses on the emotional proximity to the brand. The centerpiece is a TV spot that shows the enthusiasm of old and new Adler customers. The massage: Whether you are eccentric, distinguished, young or old – Adler suits you and has many more facets than you think.

A creation that retains the brand essence and yet breaks new ground

So we changed the way we communicate and address the brand and gave a platform to all those who were already existing customers of Alder and wanted to celebrate. All this was implemented in a TV spot, on the radio, in self-created gifs and on countless banners throughout the web. Everywhere where everyone is flying on Alder.

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