Generali – Reditude

How do you bring a global message into the German insurance market?

The challenge

In 2020, insurance group Generali launched its first global advertising campaign. While colours like gray and blue dominate the insurance world, Generali chose to show that it can be done differently too – with red and with passion. Generali is looking to establish itself as a lifetime partner for its customers. But how do you adapt a global campaign to the unique characteristics of Generali Germany in the national insurance market and simultaneously retain the global brand’s recognizability?

The solution

Generali Germany highlights local characteristics of the brand and presents them in alignment with Generali’s global values. We created the campaign “Insuring is Red” to show what this means for Generali and its customers. We also worked with Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG) as an exclusive sales partner, whose advisors can tailor Generali’s products in Germany to suit the needs of individual customers. If insurance is red, then advice is golden.

Presence despite distance…

…means insuring with passion. In a digitally released film, we show how Generali is at your side as a partner, even in difficult times like the current pandemic. The film shows Generali Germany brand ambassador and tennis pro Angelique Kerber hitting tennis balls in an empty stadium.

If insurance had a color, what would it be?

In our Brand TVC with tennis legend Angelique Kerber, we look at Generali’s global Reditude campaign for the German market. What does the Generali brand stand for and what exactly does “insuring in red” mean? Red stands for passion – and Generali is passionate about insuring its customers.

If insuring is red, then advising is golden

Passion is what brings Generali Deutschland together with its partner, Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG). In this tandem spot, the cooperation with DVAG as a sales partner for Generali’s products is explored further. With this personal consultation, a unique solution is found for each and every customer. “Together, for you.”

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