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How do you emotionally inspire talent for a rational software provider?


As a provider of financial performance management software, LucaNet faces a challenge within the job market: even rational financial products need creative minds. But how do you inspire innovative talent for an industry that isn’t top-of-mind when it comes to purpose and new work?


The career website is the central hub for all information – both practical and emotional. Employees convey a sense of the corporate culture and interactive elements invite you to explore. Emotional language and a powerful search function round off the image of a modern, innovative company.

People make all the difference

The focus of the new career website lies on the people of LucaNet. International employees provide insights and make a company with an abstract product emotionally tangible. Short video snippets and pictures of the employees reflect the modern and diverse work culture in a fresh, authentic way.

Step by step

Users get to know LucaNet and what makes the company so unique as an employer step by step as they scroll through the pages. Short, “snackable” content blocks, quotes and interactive modules lead through the website in an entertaining way.

Interactive experience

LucaNet is active worldwide. With the interactive, three-dimensional globe, users can playfully get to know the locations and their distinctive features.

A powerful search

What talent is interested in most are the open positions. That’s why the search function is designed to be particularly powerful, helping filter jobs across all pages. From initial interest to application in just a few steps.

Mobile first – of course

The conception and development of the site follows a mobile-first approach. This means that not only the navigation, search and all design elements are optimized for mobile use, but also that the conceptual design of the content formats follows the viewing and consumption habits on mobile devices.

Adaptable and versatile

All elements of the pages are designed so that LucaNet can add new content to the career website independently in the future. Few yet versatile modules make this possible and give LucaNet the greatest possible flexibility.

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