Pfizer – Impf dich stark

How can we address vaccine hesitancy among at-risk groups?

The Challenge

The international pharmaceutical company Pfizer is committed to developing vaccines to improve preventive health care in Germany. Especially high-risk patients require reliable sources of information, as there is often prejudice against vaccinations in cases of immunodeficiency due to pre-existing conditions. However, vaccinations can save lives, especially in the case of immunosuppression.

The Solution

As a way of spreading this message, we’ve created a highly impactful campaign with a positive and empowering tone. On the one hand, we can educate people about the complex topic of immunizations for immunodeficiency, and on the other hand, we offer a platform where those affected and their relatives can obtain simple, comprehensive and interactive information.

Every indication and form of therapy is special …

… and requires specific information to help patients make a valid decision. Together with a medical writer and the results of Pfizer’s patient workshops, we’ve compiled around 60 questions and concerns, which we address in a simple and straightforward manner. We categorized the key pages by patient indications and also simplified the search function by providing filters.

It all comes down to tonality

The design of the website uses motivating and empowering language, which is reflected in the central slogan, “stronger by vaccination”. The idea is to not put the negative aspects of the disease in the foreground, but instead, to focus on the “individual health” of the patients. Warm colors and positive imagery are used to shift the focus away from the limitations of the disease and towards a more self empowered, positive attitude. We are also utilizing a variety of illustrations to depict diverse age groups, genders, and body types.

From information platform to doctor’s appointment

The campaign raises awareness of both the topic of vaccination and the website as a central resource for high-risk patients. To offer website users an additional direct incentive, we created a checklist to use to prepare for a doctor’s visit and included a direct link to the partner platform doctolib. This should significantly reduce the reluctance to seek personal advice and make a vaccination appointment with a doctor.

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