Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development & Energy – Gründerland Bayern

How to build start-ups in Europe's leading economic zone?

The Challenge

Bavaria is one of the most appealing locations for start-ups in Germany. But how can founders take advantage of these benefits and create the optimal conditions for their business? And how can the benefits of Bavaria as a founding state be made more accessible?

The Solution

Find exactly what you’re looking for. We’re developing a central platform for anyone interested in setting up a business in Bavaria and are consolidating information so as to surpass classic search engines in terms of relevance and UX. In addition, we’re building inspiring momentum around the platform with our campaign umbrella “Gründen auf bayrisch” (Founding in Bavarian).

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Founding can be so simple, if you know where to start. Together with the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, we wanted to make establishing a company easier. For the initiative “Gründerland Bayern” we rebranded the parent brand and designed and implemented a creative, cross-media campaign. The key element being a central platform, created together with Gruenderland.Bayern, where founders can find exactly what they are looking for. This platform offers information on financing, contact points, the first steps as well as a strong community of talented and promising start-ups.

White, blue, digital

With this rebranding we created a visual world that gives Bavaria the chance to shine on the international start-up stage. We remained true to the German state by using its distinctive colours, but we gave the Bavarian crest an updated, digital makeover. Do you know what a Wolpertinger is? Well, we went ahead and made an emoji of it and we used social media ads to get to the bottom of some rumored start-up facts. With our digital campaign, we reached out to the ones who could be the stars of tomorrow’s start-up scene.

More than just Bits

We also spread our campaign outside of the digital space. With out-of-home measures, keynotes and event formats, we demonstrated the opportunities Bavaria can offer entrepreneurs. Even Barack Obama joined in at Bits & Pretzels 2019. We presented the stories and the advantages of Bavaria as a founding state in a tangible, personal and direct way and took part in the media agenda. Even our branded phone booth was there; sometimes entrepreneurs just need a quiet place to make a phone call.

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