Commerzbank – Digital Leadership Challenge

How do you make a traditional major bank more digital than its customers?

The Challenge

What does it take to shape the bank of tomorrow?

The Solution

A change in corporate towards digital culture, shaped by Germany’s most award-winning management program.

Future-proof through New Leadership & Digital Culture

Back in 2016, Commerzbank set the groundwork for future viability of the company. The bank’s ambitious goal: to transform itself into a digital technology company. During this process, managers have an important role to fill. To enable them to be drivers of change, we have launched the Digital Leadership Challenge together with Commerzbank. A unique leadership program dedicated to cultural transformation of the company and to shaping the new role of leadership.

The #DLC program

Mindset first. The #DLC is built upon this very principle. The program is based on three core areas with the goal to establish digital mindset in the long term and across all segments: Within 4 months, the participants complete an online learning journey, receive leadership coachings and partake in interactive workshops. Further, we integrate startups and founders into various formats to bring digital business models and trends closer to executives. Since the start of Digital Leadership Challenge in the summer of 2016, more than 200 executives of management levels 1-3 have completed the program. The Digital Leadership Challenge has received five awards and nominations since its initiation, making it the most award-winning leadership program in Germany.

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