Henkel – Dare to make an impact

How can an employer challenge an entire generation?

The challenge

To a younger target group, many international corporations can seem antiquated and inflexible. What can we do to make the multifaceted and innovative culture of an international corporation more tangible for them while also inspiring existing employees in the long term?

The solution

We share the stories and faces of real people, and demonstrate through our employer branding what makes working at Henkel so unique.

Dare to make an impact?

The slogan, “Dare to make an impact?” sums up the spirit of a smart and self-determined generation that demands more than just empty talk from an employer. We approach this target group by highlighting core issues in our narrative, making projects, teams and personal Henkel stories the protagonists of our communications.

Digital touchpoints in 79 countries

The corresponding campaign took a holistic approach in bringing this new branding to life. “Dare to make an impact” is being rolled out in 79 countries, primarily in the digital space. The launch of the global career site was followed by other external touchpoints aimed at talent acquisition, such as sponsored content on social media, job ads and career events.

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