Mooris – Everyone has some Swiss at home

How do we introduce Swiss Style to the Bauhaus republic?

The challenge

So, what exactly does Swiss furniture actually look like? The answer is available at – a platform that specializes in this exact area. Offering brand names and design classics that combine expert knowledge with bold vision, in true Swiss tradition. But the German market is extremely saturated. What is the best way to establish reach as a Swiss provider?

The solution

Who invented this style? You guessed it: the Swiss. In fact, Swiss design has long been a staple in German living spaces – we just often don’t know it. This is precisely why we want to raise awareness for Swiss Style and establish the term in our urban, digital target group.

Everyone has some Swiss at home

In this campaign, we use a creative aesthetic to point out that most homes already feature a Swiss design classic. We use engaging ads to shed light on this and establish Mooris as the expert for Swiss Style.

Awareness. Reach. Swiss Style.

For our metropolitan campaign, we are focusing on Berlin and Munich. We feature popular Swiss design classics through digital content and traditional posters. The faces of the campaign are local heroes and popular bloggers in Berlin: Jessie Weiss from Journelles, Nike van Dinther from This is Jane Wayne and Jules Villbrandt from Herz und Blut. Using Instagram stories and challenges, they draw attention to Mooris and promote the Swiss lifestyle that it represents.

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