Sparda Bank – Your questions #Our construction financing

How can we inspire a generation in crisis mode to plan for the future?

The Challenge

Increasingly, in recent years, an entire generation has been dealing with questions and doubts they’ve never had to face – instead of focusing on making plans for the future. How can construction financing help them find answers?

The Solution

From personal fears about the future to the question of equity capital: Our campaign gives our target group a platform for all their questions on the topic of construction financing. This is how we make Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg an understanding partner and highlight that with the right bank at your side, you can always plan for the future.

Your questions. Our construction financing.

From the first encounter at the club to the first evening in your own home: Through empowering portraits and compelling headlines, our campaign begins by addressing the really big questions – and then bridges the gap across all channels to the solutions that good construction financing can offer.

Sparda makes construction financing accessible

The campaign’s awareness phase focuses on Gen Y’s major life issues. Then, in the consideration and conversion phase, the focus is on specific questions surrounding the topic of construction financing – in this way, we create lasting identification with the products of Sparda BW. We use digital banners, carousel & video ads, cinema advertising and (D)OOHs to draw the attention of the whole of Baden-Württemberg to this campaign.

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