Simply V – Museum of Alternative Cheese

How do we turn a cheese alternative into contemporary art?

The Challenge

Simply V offers an alternative to conventional cheese in a highly competitive food market with its new plant-based cheese products and has become a category leader in the process. But how do we harness this moment to create appeal for the brand to an urban, digital target group and present the brand as a tangible experience in this setting?

The Solution

“Finally, some tasteful art in Berlin”: Along with Simply V, we launched the Museum of Alternative Cheese at Veganuary. We created a unique meeting space in the form of a pop-up museum for cheese connoisseurs of all kinds, with exclusive cheese art, an event kitchen and a shop to serve as the starting point for an OOH and digital campaign.

Art that will make you melt

Featuring artists like Anna Rupprecht, Gabriel Holzner, Kathrin Koschitzki and Ju Schnee, we brought “cheese art” into the mainstream. The fusion of cheesy art and artsy cheese attracted over 2,000 visitors over the twelve days of this exhibition. The pop-up space in Berlin-Mitte fit perfectly into the gallery scene of the art metropolis thanks to the space concept. Best of all, every penny raised by the MoAC was donated to SchutzengelWerk.


In order to raise awareness for the museum, we not only displayed our OOH motifs all over Berlin to attract art and snack enthusiasts to our museum, we also generated a lot of attention in the digital space. Working together with local influencers, we were able to reach thousands of Instagram users and draw their attention to the museum. Local media outlets like the Berliner Morgenpost, the Tagesspiegel and Mit Vergnügen also supported the exhibition with articles.

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