yamo – Plant-based Snacks for Kids

How can you introduce p​​lant-based nutrition in our main target group and make it simple and fun at the same time?

The challenge

Compared to many other children’s food brands, yamo offers 100% plant-based products that are healthier and super delicious at the same time. They are good for us and our kids and do not harm animals. How do we establish the young brand in the children’s food market, inform about its product diversity and create awareness and reach equally?

The solution

An eye-catching 360° awareness campaign within Germany that appeals to parents, especially with its colorful and original headlines that address the current zeitgeist approach.

Plant-based Snacks for Kids

In unseren Headlines erklären wir mit einem Augenzwinkern, warum Tierprodukte bei yamo nichts zu suchen haben. Knackige Vergleiche sprechen die Zielgruppe gezielt an und schlagen die Brücke zu den yamo-Produkten. So zeigt die neue Snack–Kategorie, wie viel Spaß Vitamine machen können.

Holistic 360° Communication

The campaign takes a holistic approach and combines digital and offline content. The kick off starts with a TVC across Germany on stations such as Pro7 and Sat 1, as well as a digital social campaign on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and display ads. This is followed by OOH with wild posters and DOOH such as station videos in four German key cities. The entire campaign is also complemented with influencer activations. Plant-based snacks for kids shows in its diversity and with its various measures how contemporary, target group-specific communication for parents works nowadays.

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