Sparda Bank – Our advantage: Our diversity

How can a bank become a pillar within a community?

The challenge

Banks are often associated with soulless number crunching and carpeted floors from the 80s. At the same time, Sparda BW is firmly anchored in the region in all kinds of ways. How can we highlight these regional roots and evoke a genuine emotional response from the community?

The solution

We conceptualized a total rebranding, which reveals Sparda as the authentic and nearby institution as well as the contact point for the region. We use nature, culture and the people of the region as the protagonists in our campaign.

Our diversity is our advantage

In terms of landscapes, people, technologies and traditions, Sparda BW is just as multifaceted as Baden-Württemberg itself. That’s why we chose to focus visually and acoustically on the state’s impressive natural diversity and combine it with Sparda’s social initiatives for the environment, culture, education and social issues.

Sparda is Baden-Württemberg

The brand launch campaign ran in two phases: To start, we focused on the overall diversity & community aspect, then delved deeper by featuring Sparda’s initiatives for the region. Sparda debuted in a new visual world, including a new logo, Instagram channel, and website. Digital banners, carousel ads & video ads, cinema ads and DOOHs all drew attention to the brands presence. The campaign generated over 10 million potential contacts in the physical world and 25 million total impressions online – with click-through rates well above the banking benchmark.

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