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How can we inspire users in the TikTok style?

The Challenge

TikTok as a video platform is becoming more and more popular with Gen Z. But how can we inspire other target groups to download yet another entertainment app?

The Solution

We want to show that TikTok is more than just another social media platform. We want to highlight the many exciting topics that can be discovered through TikTok. The short video format reaches viewers in everyday situations and inspires them with practical use cases.

Digital Content Production with Data and Insight Analyses

To ensure that our video content doesn’t only appeal to frequent users of social media platforms, we’ve decided on three requirements for our video content: it must be entertaining, informative, and most importantly, it must communicate specific use cases. We are therefore developing scalable content for each target group and with more than 90 videos we can reach both entertainment lovers and TikTok skeptics.

There’s something for everyone…

…with over 90 videos that are kept short and sweet, true to the TikTok style. The new short video format is straightforward and works across all platforms. By playing them out on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we can reach a wide range of target groups.

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